Furniture Repair & Restoration

The portfolio below features furniture repair and restoration projects using original methods and materials except where a modern method is a better solution for a particular problem. You will see some of the repair process of damaged objects restored to their natural beauty and what can be done to bring your furniture back to life.

This is an 18th-century French table. When my client asked me to look at it, I could tell that it had been poorly refinished in the incorrect materials and needed some veneer repair.

I hand-stripped the top and removed the brass trim from the edge so it could also be refinished and polished. There were loose pieces of veneer on the figures in the center inlay area that needed to be glued down and stabilized and areas of missing veneer on the edge. When all the repairs were complete, I applied a traditional French Polish Shellac Finish followed by waxing and buffing.

Please take note that there is no stain on this table top, all the colors are in the veneer and the white is mother of pearl. If you look closely you can see shading on the inlaid figures that was created by burning the veneer.

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